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About this career path: Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud computing service, offers over 700,000 job opportunities in the ever-expanding cloud industry. Whether you aim to enhance your Azure engineering expertise or deepen your understanding of cloud technology, Cybrary’s Azure Cloud Engineer Career path provides top-notch instruction to equip you with the real-world skills required to thrive as a successful cloud engineer.

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My name is Uttam Solanki, and I am reaching out to seek guidance on starting a journey into cloud security. Despite coming from a non-technical background, I am eager to learn and understand the essentials of cloud security.

I have recently recognized the increasing importance of cloud security in today’s digital landscape and the critical role it plays in safeguarding sensitive data. I believe that a solid foundation in cloud security is essential for anyone looking to navigate the evolving technological landscape.

Given expertise in cloud security, I would greatly appreciate insights on where to begin my learning journey. As someone with a non-technical background, I am particularly interested in understanding the fundamental concepts and acquiring the necessary skills to comprehend and contribute to discussions in the field.

My name is Albert, I am very new to cloud computing and I would be glad if I could be guided on the first step to becoming a cloud computing expert.

Sounds really interesting. I’m currently doing security GRC and have a solid IT technical foundation. How do I transition to Cloud security, and do you plan on introducing a path for that?