Active Directory Basics - 1.1 - Sanity Check

Good Morning All :blush:

Quick sanity check, on Question 2…

I believe I have actually tried every combination on this question ( out of frustration ) and its still not registering as the correct answer.

Can someone please check this for me, if they have the time?

Would be more than happy to explain what I belive the correct answers to be but intitially,
Haven’t in this post as I wouldn’t want to post any ‘spoilers’…

Take care and nothing but the best of wishes.

Is this the question?

Which of the following accurately describe Domain Controllers?

Only two of the answers are correct, but currently they want three of the four answers which is a mistake.

I will fix the mistake :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thats the one and thank you @JosephWhite

( Thank you ALL at Cybrary… what you have done and are doing is Amazing, safe to say you have and are changing my life, in the most positive of ways, I hope we all continue to grow and more so, I sincerly hope that one day I too can contribute :smiley: )

On reflection and with your reply, I mustn’t of TRIED all of the correct combinations, we all make mistakes ( thinking vunrabilities in the grand scheame of things… ) I think in hindsight I dodged the last one a couple of times, the powershell and gui instalation one, when I was fustratedly bruting the answers…

On a side quest though, I would love to jump down the rabbit hole and get eyes on code as to where you could brute the answers, automated, preferably in python… Although using it on this site would be counter productive for me personally but the IDEA has sure got the coggs in my head spinning, clearly I am not ready for it just yet, maybe I could explore ChatGPT as an angle, it maybe the easier route, but the ‘easier’ route isnt the one I would first like to explore, anyways, thats enough thinking out loud and tangents, time to focus back onto the task at hand, Active-Directory-BASICS ( after I have sounded off the OSI/ATIN acronyms/relationships/meanings a couple of times :stuck_out_tongue: … )

Again, thank you, and all, sooo much for your time and efforts,

Take care and nothing but the best of wishes,