Active directory basics broken

After installing active directory, the computer has to restart and that breaks the lab because it won’t open it back up. It already happened 3 times, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to open the labs (black scree, infinite loading).

There is a connection issue going on. My guess is trying to reboot and reconnect will be dicey until this is fixed :frowning:

Today happened again, the lab started fine at first, then the machine had to be restarted and I was forcibly logged out of the lab. And then the lab won’t start up again…

I know they are trying to complete a new codebase that will hopefully put an end to this and other issues. Hang tight :slight_smile:

Are they still working on it? Because now is somewhat easier to access the labs, but still, active directory and group policy lab BOTH require a restart, and that brokes the lab, having to reconnect to a fresh instance, and thus having to repeat the process of installing AD, restart… all of this in a loop.

They have done some fixes, but there is a major platform fix coming in June. I will try these labs out today though. You should be able to reboot and reconnect though it does take 3-5 minutes for a DC to boot.

Hi Joseph, I tried the labs today and they worked fine, I finally was able to complete them, but thanks anyway!

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Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for being persistent !

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