Bash Scripting Basics execution error

I followed this instuctions at the guided exercise on Bash scripting basics on the carreer path: IT and Cybersecurity basics.
no. 17 under part 3 reusable scrips, getting access denied error. It dosent mention that a error should be encountered.
I check the document I have to create and it’s correct, to run the script in terminal.
I cant progress without it.
I require assistence!

Welcome to Forums!

Please post a screen shot showing the command you are attempting and the error message.

Can I get assistence?


Did you make the script executable?

I am not sure?
I created the as instructed, can you tell how I should have made it executable?

You did it for earlier in the lab :slight_smile:

chmod +x

Ok Il’l try it again, and check back to let you know.

The solution work thank for making it clear.