Data Backup and Recovery Basics 1.3

How do I find the flag on the final task?

If you can attach a screenshot of where you are bothered or stuck at, I might be able to assist you. It sounds very broad when you say it like that lol

It is asking for the flag but I can’t find it.

Have you completed the guided exercise and understood the core concepts of it? If not, go back and do that. If yes, follow those leads as much as you can and wherever you get stuck I’m willing to help. More often than not the challenge exercise is just a reflection of guided exercise and core concepts. Follow the instructions and start somewhere at least, I cannot explain each and every step to follow for the challenge (It isn’t fair nor beneficial for your growth).
Goodluck! :slight_smile:

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I have tried everything(I think) and still can’t find no “flag.” Can you explain to me a bit on how to do it? I have done the whole lesson and this is the only thing I am stuck on.

Alright, list out what all did you try step by step and then attach a screenshot of the result when you run the flag, for me to understand your situation better and put things into perspective!

HEY Could you Help with answers for wireshark guided 1.3 challenge