February Announcements

What’s New | February 2024 Product Update

Every month we share the latest updates from product to content, here at Cybrary. If you missed our January 2024 update, you can refer to it here: https://help.cybrary.it/hc/en-us/articles/24982359744275--January-2024-Product-Update-See-What-We-ve-Been-Up-To

February 2024: “Wait, Cybrary can help us measure skills?!?”

:star2: Highlights :star2:

:tada: NEW: Cybrary Baseline!

In cybersecurity, success is measured not just by knowledge, but by the ability to actively defend and fortify against digital threats. The true value of a cybersecurity professional is reflected in their practical skills and real-world effectiveness in enhancing digital resilience.

Cybrary Baseline was built to help our customers apply a quantitative solution to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their cybersecurity team, with a turn-key way to remediate key skill gaps.

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Key benefits to know:

  1. Measure your Team’s skills using our new Baseline Assessments
  2. Track performance over time and compare across the team
  3. Compare performance against the Cybrary community (more than 20,000 learners assessed)
  4. Get content recommendations to remediate skill gaps
  5. Fulfill SEC requirements with exportable skill reports

NOTE: Benchmark performance against industries, company sizes and more (coming soon)

:dart: New SOC Skill Assessments

We made updates to our SOC Analyst Skill Assessment including new Q&A and hands-on skill challenges aligned to our newly launched SOC Analyst career path. Now, completion of the SOC Analyst Assessment will provide learners with course aligned recommendations to remediate skill gaps.

The SOC Analyst Assessment has an average community score of 62% and measures:

  1. Defensive Security Fundamentals
  2. Log Analysis
  3. Host Analysis
  4. Network Communications Analysis
  5. Digital Forensics

:mag_right: New Content Releases :mag:

Cybrary regularly released new courses and updates

Cybersecurity Skills

  • [UPDATE] CIS 18 Critical Security Controls
  • [NEW] Execution in Windows (lab-based course)
  • [NEW] Windows Event Logs (lab-based course)
  • [NEW] Local Authentication in Windows (lab-based course)
  • [NEW] Network Detection Basics (new course)

Certification Prep

  • [NEW] SC-100: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect, this rounds out our SC-series, including SC-100, SC-200, SC-300, and SC-400
  • [UPDATE] Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)

Threat-Readiness Emulation:

  • [NEW] CVE Series: Confluence Authentication Vulnerability (CVE-2023-22515)
    • Confluence suffers from a Broken Access Control vulnerability that affects Data Center and Server versions 8.0.0 to 8.3.2, 8.4.0 to 8.4.2, and 8.5.0 to 8.5.1. Threat actors exploit this vulnerability to obtain administrator access to Confluence servers. Put on your Red Team hat to create your own malicious admin account leveraging this CVE!
  • [NEW] CVE Series: Authentication Bypass in Apache Superset (CVE-2023-27524)
    • CVE-2023-27524 is a critical vulnerability in Apache Superset, affecting versions up to 2.0.1. It enables attackers to bypass authentication by exploiting weak or default SECRET_KEY values. Attackers can forge session cookies to gain admin access, leading to potential remote code execution and unauthorized data access.

New Labs (via our partner, Skillable):

  • [NEW] Azure DevOps Lab Series (7 labs)
  • [NEW] Microsoft 365 Administrator Lab Series (4 labs)
  • [NEW] Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator Lab Series (8 labs)
  • [NEW] Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Lab Series (12 labs)
  • [NEW] SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator Lab Series (10 labs)

:star: Other Notable Product Enhancements

Cybrary Forums Now Live

Social learning is key to engagement and provides learners with a community to connect with others, ask questions and get answers. Forums will further engage learners and help them get “unstuck” and provide an avenue of learning from their peers.

Get started with Cybrary forums

:eyes: Launching Soon

Cybrary Company Hubs

To foster a culture of continuous learning and cybersecurity skills development within organizations; key benefits:

  1. Company Home: Keep a pulse on learning trends within their organization, and promote organic engagement, through anonymized learning insights.
  2. Pulse on Learning Trends: Stay up-to-date on which courses, CVEs, Threat Actors, or certifications others within the organization are engaging in

:building_construction: Coming in 2024

  • New Career Path Experience + Digital Credentials (powered by Credly)
  • Refreshed UI/UX Learner Experience
  • Fast Lab Deployment
  • Cybrary for Teams Admin Refreshed UI/UX Experience
  • And more yet to be announced!

What should we build next? Reply to this post with what you’d like to see!