Group Policy Basics Lesson Issue

I have issue on installing active directory -group policy.

Hi @InterestingBuzzard1975. I’ve done Group Policy Basics Part 2 of 1.2 Guided Exercise from steps 1 to 3. I did not get any issues like that on your screenshot. It is possible you may need to start again on Part 2.

thanks for the reoky, but i did try it for third time, and restart the unit. It seems there is a problem of installing Active Directory.

Facing the same issue, tried several times but to no avail.

Hi @RedRaccoon1181. Is it the same error as @InterestingBuzzard1975?
If it’s the same, I would suggest emailing
It would be good to send screenshots of the error and at what step of the module you got the error or the issue.

Since you have done the exercises. Can you help me with the last challenge task. I am not able the view the exercise flag.