Having some problems on the lab when trying to do some formulas I can't do any because the mouse won't let me do it or something

Good Evening.
On my lab I am doing I am having trouble with the following.
1- I can’t see the flags on some of the formulas.
2-when I am trying to do a exam and work and see some of the formulas I got back to the previous and I have to start all over again.
Any help much appreciate

Hi @JonFal2122. Please state the name of the lab that you are doing.
Post a screenshot for item 1.
For item 2, is the exam within the labs? Also, post a screenshot.

Ok i send the pics tomorrow thanks

Im still having issues is there anyway we can trouble shoot?

You haven’t told us the lab you are having an issue with.

Network Reference models

I think posted a pic on here on the lab of not I redo it again. I’m trying to answer questions but the lab is kinda slow

Here the questionnaire I been trying to answer the question no luck so far what am I doing wrong little help I been on the lab doing what I learn practice part but no luck.
Any help much appreciated

I left pic on here for you to see