How do I start studying cybersecurity?

Hi, I’m security student (no cybersecurity). I want to get into cyber, it’s the field i want specialize in. My “problem”, it’s i don’t have any studies or orientation about computer science, coding… I’m a rookie.

However, I think i should start with:

  • Computer Science
  • Python
  • Networks
  • Cyber certifications

So, is there anyone who could help me?

I will aprecciate

if you are still stuck into some ruckus. I’m a newbie too, but I guess I can at least get you some head start. I can help you get some clarity if you require Someone to talk to? yea ig I can do that.

you can begin with some free courses on YouTube and to learn to hack we don’t have one line or good line to start
you can start with a YouTube course to get some information about hacking, and then you can buy a good course on Udemy or other websites before you buy the course you have to see the person and his course and see if the explanation is good then you are ready to buy and start or you can learn from a high school you can begin with the channel: The Cyber Mentor it’s a good channel