IP Addressing Basic - Flag not working

Hello there!

I have an issue with submitting the flag as an answer! I am 1.2 Guided Exercise and it says that the flag is on Linux-2 in /etc/network/interfaces. When I cat the file I can see that the flag is NETW0RKHER0! also it fits the hint, but for some reason it doesn’t accept my answer.

I can see that those are not O but 0. Plus I have literally copied the flag from the file to the answer text field, so this shouldn’t matter.

Any help here will be appreciated!

The end of that flag is a capital O (HERO!) not a zero (HER0!). Also there is no space between the O and !.

Well, that is not working for me either. However, what actually worked for me was just trying to write it like this: NETWORKHERO. That work for some reason…so copied flag doesn’t work, but this does lol