Issues with SIEM rules lab and Issue with Web Activity Logs lab

Hello all,

I had an issue where I was unable to start the SIEM rules lab as I was getting an error “Cannot destructure property ‘userPassword’ of ‘o’ as it is undefined.” In an attempt to resolve the issue via google, I see others are having similar issues on other labs.

For the Web Activity Logs lab, I am unable to switch from Wazuh-alerts* to Wazuh-archives* (The option is not there in the change index options.) This is preventing me from completing the lab. Then for the Challenge exercise, I am unable to execute clabnet2. The file does not appear to exist. I have tried searching for the file and unable to find it. I see there is a similar topic that was posted 18days ago.


edit: I’ve tried clearing my cookies and restarting my machine to resolve the SIEM rules lab issue. Neither worked.