Network Device basics

Im prolly missing a router flag, can anyone help me figure out how to address that. thank you

fixed the error! Feel free to ask if you are struggling with something alike.

hello, I’m also on this lab, but the VM on the platform isn’t working. the error is “Cannot destructure property ‘labId’ of ‘i.labInstance’ as it is undefined.”. I already refreshed the page through the browser, through the F5 button, logged out, cleaned the cache of the browser, logged in again, retried again. restarted the browser again. Even the inspect element only got the HTML page code but wasn’t able to access the JavaScript console to try to get to know what the problem is, and the F12 keyboard key didn’t granted me access to it either.
And nothing works, the problem remains… Any ideas on what to try next?

If you had lab loading issues yesterday (and frankly since last week) you may want to retry today. I know the team has done some fixes and I am able to load labs today.

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i am receiving - Cannot destructure property ‘labId’ of ‘i.labInstance’ as it is undefined on labs