Network Reference Model BUG

4. What is the flag discovered in the Application layer data returned by the web server? Do not include any spaces in your answer.

the litteral flag is 0x019-FINPSHACK
yet it wants this: {-*****} a 4 digit flag code does not exist, only 3 digits: 200 404 or 500, can someone give me the awnser or explain to me where to find the “flag” because it is not where it is supposted to be.

This is what I see:

Set your filter to HTTP and look in the Application layer not TCP.

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This is what i got and it works fine, took me a little while to locate as ive only been doing IT courses for 2 days

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Wow. I’ve been stuck here for two weeks trying to figure this out. If there was better guidance on this question, I might be able to learn a bit better. I saw a bunch of flags, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out which flag they wanted especially since in the example it says to hide the packets.

Thank you. I guess this is a good example of real life-scenarios where someone says one thing, but wants another.

I saw that too, but it wasn’t taking my answer because I didn’t include the brackets.