Nmap Basic No. of ports

how to show this nmap basic

Welcome @EncryptedLord97 to forums. That task is to use nmap, scan the remote system to discover open ports. Every port has a number, for example FTP is 21 and HTTP is 80. The ask is to add up all the ports scanned. So if there was a system with FTP and HTTP open then the answer would be 21+80 = 101.

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DID that but only one port was open
-F for 100 only one
-p - took a lot of time

I know there are two hosts that require you to modify the scan. In one case you have to discover a port to open other ports and in another case you have to slow the scan down. The lab instructions go over this.

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so should be like -T 5

Based on step 9 , scan the ports individually. The IP address is a web server and filtered means you can not access the port from your scanning location. So web server port is 8080 and port 21 and 22 are well known ports. When I looked up common ports i could not figure what does 1000/8888/2099 stands for , maybe some applications are using those ports. So i ignored those ports.

Did anyone find solution to this?