Nmap Basics 1.3 Challenge - Can't find flag for 5



I believe the answer is "N***s but I can’t get the version number no matter what commands I chuck through nmap. I know the OS too but this hasn’t helped me much.

Not sure if there’s something going on with the labs or I’m missing something here but I’m really struggling to get this flag.

Here’s a slight hint: sxxxxxxxd4.x.x used to share files.

Is this on the hidden host:

Because I can’t find anything other than port 12345, that I think has something to do with Netbus?

Did you enumerate port 12345 with -A ?

I think I did try that, but the scan would have taken at least an hour or so to complete.

I also remember trying something where the scan just timed out altogether.

I’m not sure but everything felt too slow to do a practical exercise with but maybe I was doing something wrong - it’s very possible! Also the actual lab was just way more laggy than usual.

I did get the flag thanks to your hint and some research though!