Nmap lab for the last question

I could not find an answer for the following lab question.
4. Add up the open ports you discovered on (e.g., if ports 1, 2, and 3 are open, 1+2+3=6). What is the number?

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bro ,did you get the answer ?

i think the answer is 6

Just follow the 9th instruction, you’ll get it, and also wait for 2 minutes…

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please can you put the answer the terminal is bugging

Might be a bit late of a reply but whatevs…

If you do a scan on the target with nmap and it shows you the ports that are open.
You add those open port numbers up and thats the result.
port 22 open
port 25 open
port 1000 open
port 2099 filttered
port 60000 filtered

22+25+1000 = 1047

Or at least thats what worked for me.

NOTE: Keep in mind your output may be different so don’t copy the above answer as it is just an example.