Not getting answer for Question 1 in Data Backup and Recovery

Question 1 - 1. According to the Backup Schedule Wizard, how much space is used on the backup destination drive?

Missed the prompt for this question when going through lab and after finishing, redid the work but the used space is not correct. And I can’t reset the lab to start fresh.

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Me too, even though open the disk properties check the usage, and enter it, it also wrong. Can anyone give some hint, plsss

The size changes every time that the backup is done. Unless the form is actually tied to the server, I don’t see how the result can be verified.

The good news is that EVENTUALLY the Windows server resets. So at least we can start fresh.

This exercise is practically worthless. Very little knowledge gained for a LOT of pain.

I will revisit the questions asked. I’m not sure what they want for the first question, nor can I find an answer using wbadmin.

They’re asking for the size of the backup on the disk. It’s in the hundreds of MB range.

The trouble is that different machines seem to give different sizes. And the same machine will give different sizes if you run the backup more than once.

I eventually got “reset” to a machine that gave me the “right” answer. After 3 tries.

So my problem has been resolved. But it might be lurking out there to ensnare others.

Thank you for your help! It’s much appreciated.

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I’m also stuck on this one. I’ve tried multiple times and can’t seem to get the right *. MB. I’ve also noticed the number in wizard changes. If someone in support could please help. I’ve passed every other lab I’ve done. I feel like this one is a gotcha with peculiar dependencies even if you clearly know how to lookup the used data on D:.

OK I FINALLY GOT THIS ONE! On 1.2 Guided Exercise step 15 it says “take note of used space.” They weren’t kidding. That’s the exact time you get the answer. For anyone getting thrown off by this one - I was looking at used space AFTER everything was done and when I moved onto tasks. If you don’t have it - you’ll have to wait until lab resets and you do it word for word until you get to step 15 and record the number you get right then.

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This question needs to be scrapped. It’s impossible to get if you have done the whole task without resetting the whole machine, and does not add to or demonstrate your knowledge of what’s being taught. Does anyone know what the answer is? If my machine is able to reset and I can get the answer, I’m going to share it in this thread to help anyone else stuck at this awfully frustrating question.

e: The answer is 355.79 MB