OSINT Basics Lab

For Search Engines section, points 3 and 4 suggest to find sitemap:

  1. On the IntelTechniques search engines page, type site:rekt.systems filetype:xml and click the Populate All button to auto-populate each search engine field with your search.

Maybe we will find some configuration files, such as for Jenkins, a software they indicated in their job posting. But, at least, we expect to see the XML sitemap, which is used to indicate website’s stricture to search engines (and, in theory, should be the same as the HTML sitemap).

HTML sitemap is for users; XML sitemap is for robots. Got it? Let’s go get that robot one.

  1. On the IntelTechniques search engines page, click the buttons for Bing and Google to explore the pages indexed by these popular search engines.

One of these engines should have the sitemap for rekt.systems in its results.

However, both the search engines result in nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is the lab broken?

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Looks like Google and Bing may have flushed our seeded results. We’ll get this fixed shortly.


You can directly view the contents of the xml file as well, the link is provided in the notes section:

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