Phishing Course outdated

I have been working through the Becoming a Pentester Career path and I am on the “Phishing” course and noticed that a few things are outdated. For example module 1.3 covers The Harvester, the command theharvester is deprecated and you must use theHarvester also in module 1.3 the examples used for Harvester use google as a source, google is no longer available to use in The Harvester so the commands the instructor is using is returning invalid source on my end. Second in 1.5 “Using recon-NG” commands such as clear, show workspaces (instead I use workspace list to show a list of workspaces), and add domains don’t exist anymore (googling tells me its now db insert domains then you can enter as the name.).

I understand that software changes and its hard to make sure your learnings stay updated with it, especially when the learnings are video. Maybe there is a feature that could be implemented that would allow for users to suggest notes or changes to modules so that if someone catches something is out of date they can correct it and it shows up somewhere on the page.

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I like this suggestion. Cybrary is moving from monolithic video based courses to lab-centric courses which would in theory allow us to be more adaptive to change.

We’re actually in the process of revising the Penetration Tester career path to match the designs currently employed in Foundations and SOC Analyst. This course will be phased out as part of that revision, which is expected to drop in June. In the meantime, I would recommend checking out the new Social Engineering Basics lab instead - Cybrary

Thanks for the updates! Both responses sound like the perfect fixes!