Power Shell Basics cmdlets number

I wrote down the correct number of cmdlets as required: Get-Command -Type Cmdlet | Measure-Object | Select-Object Count
That gave me a number that the Task section didn’t accept. At the end of the exercise, when I discovered that, I repeated the command and got a different number (13468) that it doesn’t accept either. Now when I log out and try and reset the exercise I am stuck with the latter number and no way for me to finish the Challenge.

Any help…?

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Which question are you attempting on the PowerShell basics course ?

I changed this to a multiple choice with ranges. While I got the correct answer, it’s possible there is a small delta each time the lab resets.

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Ah, brilliant @JosephWhite. Thank you so much :pray:

@TameDinosaur9502 - it was the first question. Joseph’s sorted it now :+1:

Thanks so much for the quick response to this. This was the first time I’ve used or needed help from the forum and it’s very reassuring knowing that it is so responsive.