Python Basics flag seemingly impossible to get

So I’m just learning about cybersecurity and figured I’d start with the basics of Python, and so started with the Python basics course.

I’ve now attempted the final challenge 3 times, each time getting 12/13 points.

I have checked every line of code to make sure it works correctly.
I have deleted parts one at a time to find where the fault may be.
I have asked ChatGPT to complete the tasks since I wasn’t getting any hints and they got the same answers.

I just cannot figure out where this last point is supposed to come from. Is there some other factor I’m missong on this one?

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Welcome to forums!!!

Let me run through the challenge and make sure there is no error.

I ran through the challenge and I was able to get 13 points. The grader is a bit picky, meaning code that would run just fine still does not grade due to spacing or capitalization. Python doesn’t care but the grader does. Like you I got 10, then 11, then 12 and was stuck until I caught a rouge capitalization. Again, Python does not care, but the grader script does.

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The other mistake I see often is in parsing the string “This is a Happy String”. Some folks use the wrong syntax which LOOKS correct when you run it but it is grabbing a trailing space. If you know what I mean use 15 and not 16.

Another thing I could do is give the flag on say 10 points or better and not look for a perfect 13. It’s a bit like grading A+ or F with nothing in between. This isn’t meant to be frustrating :frowning:

What are your thoughts on that?

Ahh, thanks for giving it a go, so it can be completed.

I’ve tried it again, and again got 12 points. I feel like I’ve checked all the capitalization I can, and was already using 15 on the string slice. So I’ve still got no idea where this point seems to be going.

I think if it was going to change, maybe 10/13 might be a bit low. Especially if you can’t find your mistake and know what you need to improve.

With the current system I’d say maybe 12 would be better as I think at this point, it seems whatever is causing the issue in not passing isn’t not knowing enough, but perhaps something overly stringent. 11 might also work, but I don’t know where it passes from something being overly specific to simply not applying the lessons correctly.

I just wish I knew what it thought I was doing wrong.

For the array, I deleted spaces between elements and finally got full scores lol. Not a good experience with this lab :no_mouth:

The grader is primitive I’m afraid. You can lay the blame on me. Python is a very forgiving language and there are many ways to solve even a basic problem. Trying to account for every possible permutation OR use regex to ignore things like spacing is a rabbit hole.

I’m open to ideas to make the challenge less frustrating.

I had the same issue, finally figured out that the checker was disliking the spaces after my commas in the color list :melting_face:

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Just finished the Python module challenge and was able to achieve 13 points, please send the screenshot so that i can help.


I’m facing the same issues!

A picky grader indeed, maybe adding a note on the challenge instructing the students to ensure the spaces, and cases in the instructions to the T will be helpful…


I too was stuck on 12/13 and figured out the grader did not like single quotation marks in my list. I changed them to double quotations and got the flag.

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I will wear the cone of shame.

I like cybrary course