Q3 on Guided Excercise in windows services

I am having a problem in getting the answer to Q3 in windows service section

Q3: When MyService is first started, it writes “The ______ is running and doing some work…” to the Application Log.

where can i find this?

Once you start the service, check the Application log, Event ID 0.

I did but after the copying evilservice file so its showing “You have been hacked x x x”
How can I restart everything?

You must have missed these steps in Part 3:

10.) At the PowerShell prompt, type eventvwr.msc and press Enter to open the Event Viewer.

11.) In the Event Viewer, navigate to Windows Logs / Application and look for the log entries with EventID 0 and the Source SimpleService.

Take note of the event message in the General tab. Leave the Event Viewer open during the next steps.