Request for Help: Microsoft Sentinel Course Challenge Question

Is anyone able to assist, or direct me to an appropriate resource, regarding the completion of the Microsoft Sentinel course in which I am enrolled? I am at the final challenge (Module 6.2) and I cannot find the correct answer to one of the eight questions. Specifically, I cannot answer:

“What data source is needed in order to detect brute force attacks against the Azure Portal?”

The hint is:
***** ** **** **"

I have all other questions in the assessment correct, and I have invested quite a bit of time both taking the course and trying to find the answer to the remaining challenge question. It would be a disappointment if I missed course completion, and the resulting certificate, if I can’t cross the final hurdle.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I adjusted the answer based on this slide…


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Thank you very much! The revised answer aligns closer to the content, so I appreciate your assistance. The question did provide a good opportunity to review the Microsoft documentation as well. Thanks again!