Symmetric cryptography guided exercise step 11 - not working

The step 11 pasting the message context is not complete and doesn’t allow me to curry on typing after that. I provided the jpeg to see what I am impling to. Any advice?

Do these steps in their chronological order:

  1. once you have selected the designated text from John’s mail, COPY IT (only the message).
  2. Type echo " Paste you copied it in the command prompt
  3. Then click the right arrow key from keyboard
  4. Then continue typing " > keyforjohn.base64
  5. Press enter it should work

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

  1. The code that I copied is not compled. There are still a few lines missing
  2. Notice the position of the cursor, I can’t move it to the right?
  3. The screenshot is taken after pasting the text
  4. Can move to cursos up but not down
  5. I was tempted to try to type it manually as well :slight_smile:

hit the three dots on the top right corner and view full display and then copy the text, if your problem is not being able to select entire text in one go. i had faced the same issue!

I meant the text I pasted!
I copied the whole message as instracted.

But I fixed it!
I did expand the terminal window downward and it kind of looked strange but it added the missing lines of the text and I could click right.
I am so happy now. Haha. I almost felt like I started to doubt my copy and paste skills :smile:
Thanks for the support though


No worries, happens to the best of us lol! :slight_smile:

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