To get access of mobile device

I want to block a particular application on running my device without knowing the person that uses the phone than. Because my brother is involving in gaming . I wanted to stop it without he knows what had done in their device .
Second I also want to get full access of the device so I can control it.
(Without showing any notification of accessing device.)
Please ! Help me out

For monitoring mSpy, Bark, SpyX… just Google it :slight_smile:

For control, that’s more of a root kit and less of a “parental control”.

The former may or may not be ethical, the latter is unethical.

Also the very second his games/social media/pron stop working he will know something is up.

As you tell me about some monitoring websites are all paid, I wanna to have a free plateform.
I would not like to have my devices to be rooted,
By applying parental he just know about that.
That’s why I am asking like a method that he doesn’t know about it that what happend with their device.
I need a method that he doesn’t know what had done with the device,
Hope so you will help me .