Twisted Pair Rollover Cable Pinout

Hi, Everyone.

When learning the different pinout variations of twisted pair cabling, I noticed that rollover (or console) cable pinout is in T-568B.

Can rollover cable pinout also be T-568A or is T-568B the standard?

Hi @zamoraiii. I would suggest reading this article: The Pros & Cons of T568a vs T568b & Which To Use
Let me know if that article helped.


Thank you for the reference! I did come across that article when researching prior to posting here.

I suppose when applying the fact that there is effectively no difference as long as you pick one and stick to it, both would acceptable pinouts for rollover cabling.

Welcome to the community, @Analyse, and thanks for the post!

@zamoraiii the only recommendation that I would provide is that you stick with the 568B series and wiring as it is the current standard.