Unable to open project ip addressing basics

ip addressing basics unable to open projects it keeps saying unable to connect

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I had this issue yesterday. If you have completed this lab could you give me a clue as to how the answers are supposed to be formatted? I am certain I have the correct answer but no matter if I try it with a space, with a ., after the ip address, it doesn’t seem to accept it.

Let me know which question(s) you are having an issue with. By way of example this question…


… wants X.X.X.X; X.X.X.X where X is a number.

My bad. I thought the semi colon was a full stop and a comma :upside_down_face:

hello Joseph,
I’m having some difficulties in the Challenges exercice.

Although I’ve used the command learnt in the previous lesson, I don’t see 2 different networks asked in the first question. I’m using rather ifconfig or ip a to display the different networks. Am I right?

you can use cat /etc/network/interfaces to figure out the network ip, if thats what you are asking here