Unable to submit the task for IDS 1.3 Challenge Exercise

Hi Everyone,

I just completed the IDS basics exercise but I am unable to complete the challenge exercise. I have applied the first and second rules as instructed but when i click submit/complete it keeps telling me i am wrong. but I was able to achieve the outcome of the task in the lab with the same rule syntax:

  1. alert tcp any any → any 21 (msg: “FTP Traffic Detected"; sid:4;)
  2. alert tcp any 21 <> any any (msg: “FTP Traffic Detected”; sid:5;)
    Any help will be appreciated.

For the answer to #1, I see an arrow symbol, but it should be hyphen then greater than (->).

For both #1 and #2 remove the space between msg: and “FTP…”

Good (msg:"FTP…
Bad (msg: "FTP…

They might work fine but the grader is picky about spaces.

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Thanks, I removed the space as advised and it passed.