Vulnerability Scanner Basics part 2 question 3

I’ve attempted to complete vulnerability scanner basics several times, but I keep getting stuck on the same question in part 2. All of the other questions have simple answers that are easy to find in the GreenBone scan results and associated CVE. The question seems to be referring to the description of CVE-2021-21615. I’m not sure if this is correct, or if it just seems that way from because of the previous two questions. The hint indicates that the answer is a word ten letters long. The only ten-letter word I can find in that description is “workspaces” which gets rejected. The question is as follows:

  1. What is the short name of this SSL vulnerability as told in the official CVE Description? (the _______ bug)


Please help.

The CVE you mention is Jenkins related and it allows reading arbitrary files using the file browser due to a race condition.

The question is talking about an SSL related CVE. Is there another SSL related CVE in the scan?.

There are several, but I was never able to find the correct answer in the material provided. I finally made a guess that turned out to be the correct answer “h********d” because on of the scan results mentioned something about a heart beat, and I happened to remember reading about that vulnerability in the news.