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Welcome to the Cybrary forums! We are so glad to have you here. I am Mark Nibert the Chief Mentor over the learners here. I am here to help in any capacity. If you have a question on a career, a career path, resume, interview, technical question just let me know.

If I can’t help or answer a question I will find it for you.

  • What kind of questions do you want answered?
  • What live sessions would you like to see?


I would like to say thank you for accepting me here. I’m pursuing a career in Forensic hacking investigator. I want to learn as much as I can and what a better place than with Cybrary. Let me say this I was sold by an ad on youtube with recommendations to your courses.

My name is Aminah and I am fascinated with technology since I was 16 mind you Im older than the internet lol.
Anyways happy to be here .

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Welcome @anon27902912 !!

Welcome to the platform! Really excited you are here. Let me know if you have any questions while you work through the forensics piece. What kind of career are you looking to do? Forensics is such a cool career field to get into.

Thank you Mark, Good Afternoon. I have to recertify for my Security + and I received information if I complete certain courses I earn points or certain toward recertifying for my Security + certification. Do you know anything about Cybrary being able to assist with that?
Thank you

@ldwilliams814 organizations like CompTIA, EC-Council, and ISC2 (to name e a few) require that you recertify every 3 years. To do this you can either retake the test OR acquire learning credits (called CPE or CEU) over those three years. Typically, taking a course on Cybrary will give you some number of CEU/CPE based on the hours needed to complete to course. In most cases you need to amass 120 CEU/CPE in 3 years (40 per year) to recertify.

I have used Cybrary, along with other learning products, to amass all my required CPE/CEU for my CISSP ad CEH for the last six years.

Hi Mark, Danie here. I am looking to prepare myself for a future role as “Cyber Security Officer”. The department deals with inter-branch communications (copper, fibre and wireless; infrastructure and channels) so I understand the role will be for the protection of the infrastructure (gateways / routers, and maybe a minor server or two). What would be the “better” career path and certification to have? We are based in Austria, Europe. Would qualifying as a Cyber Security Engineer help? (This interests me a lot!)

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Good day!

Breaking my normative reclusive behavior that has inhibited me from participating in forums, I’ve decided to do this proper… Wonderful! I am new on here and very excited to learn as much as I can about cyber security. My interest in this topic has been ongoing over the last 10 years and I decided recently I would ACTUALLY access a learning resource which could teach me what I want to know. Such as how to properly secure a system, determine if it’s been compromised, and how to determine an intruders location and respond approriately when they are found.

As such, it was a no-brainer to sign up on here. So far I am enjoying what I’m learning. Which is the basic foundational stuff I’ve never properly understood. The spark of motivation I feel to actually capatilize on this opportunity is fanned by the desirable abilities and skills available to be learned… I’m Stoked!

So, I am as I said, terrible on maintenace of my presence in forums and what not. So, should I never appear on here again, I wish you the best! If I do reappear here… Well, damn… There really must be something to this lovely orchard of enlightnment.

Much love,


Welcome @SirianDelimia !!! We hope to hear more from you :slight_smile:

Joseph nailed it but yeah the CEU’s you get on the site here will count towards that. This i a field that never stops education wise.

I think a good background in networking is a good start. That will also get you into the network operations component of what you said. So take the networking component and then move into understanding the rest of the stuff in regards to infrastructure, etc. If you start down the cyber security engineer path and you run into things you need more information on you can search Cybrary.

Please reach out to me as well, I have worked in most of the items you have listed and had a pretty round about path to get there.

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Welcome to the group! Please also feel free to direct message me if you would prefer to not discuss things or ask questions publicly. We are also on discord and that is another option. This is a great space and a great career field and we are here to help you obtain your goals!

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I’m kristen, and i’m new to the whole cyber world, " information holds the key to change the world" is the only motive that made me choose this field.
I always want to learn new stuff. I hope this is the place where i can match my enthusiasm to learn about stuff related to cyber world.
@anon27902912 I’m fascinated when you said that you are pursuing your career in forensic hacking, well i’m completely unaware of this type of course, so if u don’t mind please make time to explain more about this.

I’m very glad to be a member of this wonderful platform
I am a computer student and want to learn more about cyber security. I was reading a pdf online and was directed o learn more here. I’m very happy to be here

I’d like to know the best practices for writing an entry-level cybersecurity resume. It’d be even better if that could be done in a live session that is recorded as well for people who missed it.