What do you do if one of your VMs crashes?

I’m trying to do a hands on assessment and my Ubuntu VM has crashed. How do I reset it?

Are you talking about taking a Cybrary online assessment? Did the remote lab environment “crash” or are you talking about a local issue.

Cybrary. I left it for a while and it told me I’d timed out and to refresh the browser. It’s now back.

Thanks for the question, @DiveMonkey. The labs will time out due to inactivity on the browser, but you can resume them within a certain timeframe. Worth noting that they will eventually terminate if they’re idle too long.

Which assessment are you working on?

Looking at the Cybersecurity Fundamentals assessment as I’ve just logged in for the first time.

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The problem is that the packages won’t upgrade when specified as the upgrade packages can’t be found, so I run a full upgrade - then it hangs.

I’m not going to bother with it, again, I don’t think.

Are you trying to do a targeted upgrade (one package)? Be sure to run sudo apt update first so the OS is aware of the packages to upgrade. Only upgrade the one package specified, if you try to upgrade the entire OS it will hang,

sudo apt update and sudo apt-get update. I’ve noticed apt and apt-get sometimes produce different results so I tend to try both. I also tried targeted upgrades - one package at a time.

I just ran that part of the assessment, and it works. The command is “sudo apt update” first, then you need to “sudo apt install …” with the correct flag to only upgrade the one package.

Same issue occurred for me on the “Scripting and Programming Fundamentals” assessment where it requested me to refresh the page. I believe the assessment paused as the environment was reprovisioned (or whatever occurs).
The issue for me was that the entered flags were then blank upon the refresh.

When I do this, it tells me that the relevant package is already at the latest version.

Going to try to force a reinstall next.

I did the same thing and upgraded all packages and now its all blank and can’t complete the rest of the assigments.
How do I unstuck the Ubuntu server now ?! Will it TimeOut eventually and reset ?

So remember to first run sudo apt update FIRST to find ungradable packages then ONLY upgrade the package required. DO NOT upgrade the entire OS.

The point of this assessment/challenge is 1.) Do you know to run apt update first and 2. Do you now how to granularly upgrade a Linux server.