Where is Company Holidays.rtf in Data Backup and Recovery Basics Lab

I’m having difficulty addressing questions 1 and 4. The file “Company Holidays.rtf” seems to be missing from the C:\sales folder. Could someone please provide guidance or assistance?

It is not in the sales folder. I think it is restored to C:. you should be able to see the 4 files there.

Get a screenshot of what you see.

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Not seeing “Company Holidays.rtf” either. Not in C:\Sales or C;.

Doesn’t seem to be in the backup at all. And can’t find it anywhere on the C drive after the restore.

I think the instructions should be to delete the files under C:\Sales, but other than that the files do restore to c:\

Unable to view Company Holidays.rtf file

Unable to view Company Holidays.rtf file

We’ve checked this lab and Company Holidays.rtf is indeed included in the backup - but critically, it’s in the pre-existing backup on D:/ - not the one you create in Part 1. You will need to delete the backup you created in Part 1 at the beginning of Part 2. If you restore from your own backup, you’re not going to get the .rtf file.

Based on some support tickets we’ve seen, I believe the issue is that some people are missing a key part of Part 2, Step 4 - specifically, replacing the default Extract file path with D:\ - and just accepting the default file path. If you don’t do this, you’re going to hit an error message at Part 2, Step 7.

We’ve added a note and a screenshot at Part 2, Step 4 to underscore the importance of changing the file path. As long as you follow the rest of the instructions, you should see Company Holidays.rtf when you arrive at Part 2, Step 12.

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so that is proplem ! i don’t unterstanding , why can i don’t find file ? that is trouble!!